4th Valve Conversion on 15″ Bell Imperial – part 1

I’ve just sent my 15″ Imperial EEb off to Mike Johnson for it’s surgery. Whilst in the operating theatre it will have the following:

  • New large mouthpiece receiver so I can fit my Schilke Geib in it.
  • A couple of inches taken out of the length so it plays at 440Hz
  • The little nobbly bit on the bottom bow cut off
  • The 4th valve removed and changed for a rotary valve

Here are the before pictures – I’m looking forward to showing the after pictures.

Big thanks to Andy Kershaw for taking it up to Mike’s for me.


Kairos Ensemble at the Baptist Union National Assembly

Just back from the Baptist Union National Assembly where Kairos Ensemble were  showing that contemporary worship doesn’t have to be led by guitars. In fact I’m sure there must be a way of arguing that playing the tuba is a more biblical way of worshipping 😉

A little about me

I’m one of those guys, you know the ones, who pastors a church by day and plays the tuba by night (although sometimes it’s the other way round).

This blog is a little insight into my tuba world with a few sounds, sights, musings and nerdings.

If however you were wanting to hear me preach, you’re on the wrong site so you’ll need to either click on the church link or come to my regular gig on a Sunday morning.