And….. some more tuba quartets!!!

A couple more tuba quartets. This time Haydn’s ‘Surprise’ Symphony which was quite a challenge to record and Gershwin’s Piano Prelude No. 2 which has some tasty low and high notes!

Get the sheet music here.


Mozart Tuba Quartet

I made this arrangement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata III many years ago, but have only just got round to publishing and recording it. It’s a piece my mum used to play (and still does) on the piano, but not being a great pianist myself I adapted it for an instrument that works better for me! Recording it was a bit of a challenge as there’s quite a lot of interlocking rhythmic phrases between the 4 tubas which takes a bit of faith and hope when you record the parts one by one!

You can get the sheet music from the Foxy Dots Music website.