Bassline Academy – Strobe: Sparkee’s Arrangement

This bassline is a challenge from a YouTube follower LuxGamer4ever. I’d never heard this track before but once I had the challenge was accepted!

Someone has posted on YouTube that they thought it was impossible for a bass player to actually play it, which has been shown to be wrong, and now I’d like to be able to say it’s also just about possible on tuba. There’s nowhere to breathe so gasping breaths in the slight gaps is the way forward.

You can download the transcribed music Strobe.

2 thoughts on “Bassline Academy – Strobe: Sparkee’s Arrangement

  1. Hi
    Just found you on YouTube and really enjoying your playing
    I’m not a sight reader but would like to have a crack at some of your scores as a way of trying to improve.
    I play a G contrabass (old school drum corps) and a Bb euphonium.
    I can work out music in treble clef is there a way of transcribing from bass to treble
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards


    • Hi Jonny,
      Thanks for your message. I have no idea what a G contrabass is! Is that something pitched a minor 3rd lower than a euph or and octave lower than that? Do you have Finale? If so I’d happily send you the original files and you can transpose them into whatever key you need them in.


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